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Why Sutton?

The Sutton Hospital site, where the SECH will be located, currently contains outdated and unused hospital buildings and a car park.

The location for the SECH was selected after extensive testing of alternatives and conducting engagement with Sutton Council, staff, patients and the public during the Improving Healthcare Together consultation. Considering all the evidence, in July 2020 a joint decision by NHS Surrey Downs and NHS South West London Clinical Commissioning Group approved the proposed new Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (SECH) on the Sutton Hospital site.

The right location
Located between Epsom and St Helier hospitals, the SECH will be central to the catchment we serve and has the least overall impact on travel for older people and people from deprived communities.

Less disruption
As a new-build on an unused site, development in Sutton will be quicker and much less disruptive to our patients and staff – as well as resulting in three, rather than two UTCs.

Bringing together 24/7 services

The SECH will house six core services in one place, making it easier to care for the most unwell patients and those who need more specialist care.

By sharing a site with the Royal Marden we can share services and infrastructure. We’ll also be able to bring together the clinical expertise of dozens of surgeons, anaesthetists and other professionals to ensure the very best outcomes for patients.

Site Map

A Partnership Approach

Working with The Royal Marsden icon

Working with The Royal Marsden

The Royal Marsden offers cancer services like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Currently The Royal Marsden relies on Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to provide critical care to some patients.

By being located in close proximity, the SECH will be able to support The Royal Marsden with theatre capacity and critical care access, reducing the need for cancer patients to travel.

By working together, we can offer new opportunities for the range of cancer care that can be provided at Sutton.

The London Cancer Hub icon

The London Cancer Hub

The Royal Marsden already shares a site with the Institute of Cancer Research, the Harris Academy and Maggie’s Cancer Care which are the foundations of the London Cancer Hub (LCH).

Together, The Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research are one of the top five cancer centres globally and provide world-class cancer research and treatment. Locally, there is an aim to further develop this partnership and build a leading cancer hub, with a greater role for life sciences companies.

Aviva and Socius have been selected by Sutton Council as the preferred developer for the wider LCH masterplan. This will involve the development of facilities dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer, to attract the brightest minds from around the world and provide amenities for the wider community.

By having on-site links with LCH, we will support the development of surgical research through partnerships with world class researchers and private enterprise. LCH will bring together the clinical expertise of dozens of surgeons, anaesthetists and other oncology professionals to ensure the very best outcomes for oncology patients in SWL and Surrey.

More information about the London Cancer Hub can be found here.